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By Brigit Esselmont August 2, 2018 February 28th, 2019

Exploring the Four Tarot Aces - Biddy Tarot (1)Exploring the 4 Tarot Card Aces

The FourAces of Tarot – beautiful, bright blessings filled with potential and optimism.In the simplest form, Acesare the very beginning of the numbered cards. There’s Ace, Two, all the way through to the Ten.Acting like a One…and yet at the same time, not. Because when we take into account all the detail and symbolism that lies within each of the 78 cards within the Tarot deck, it shouldn’t be taken lightly that Aces are not called card #1.

What do the Tarot Aces Represent?

In my opinion theAces are actually more like a zero – theyrepresent the seed of potential. Just like aseed that’s sitting underground the moment before it sprouts, it is simply the potential of what could happennext, because ithasn’t yet fully manifested. And within any Tarot reading, theAces showus that possibility. It’s up to usto turn it into somethingfurther.

To me, the four Tarot Aces are the purest form ofenergy for each of the suits. Just like the seed, it’s before they’ve actually turned into something. Not only that, but also theabsolute purity of what each of their respectivesuits represent.

So, with that in mind,let’s examineeach of these Aces and their energy,then what you can do with that energy to bring more ofit into your life, and call in more ofthat potential into your life.

The Ace of Cups

In both the Rider-Waite and Everyday Tarot decks, we see a beautiful Cup. It’s overflowing with water, and that water is the representation of the water element that we see with the suit of Cups.

The water is an expression of emotion, and the Ace of Cups is about the potential of feelings and emotional connections.

Keep in mind that it’snotthe Two of Cups where we havediscoveredour emotions. Instead, the Ace of Cups is about what is happening within you. In that sense, it’s more like a zero or one, depending on howyou want to look at it.

This card can traditionally be related to a new relationship, but I see it more as this welling up of emotion within you, and that’s the important thing.

Now, the element of water in the Ace of Cups can also pertain to creativity.It may be that you're feeling your creative potential is starting to well up inside of you, almost like it cannot be contained, as seen in the overflowing water in the card. Or maybe it’s your emotions or love that can't be contained.

Perhaps you're just starting to have the sensation that you are an intuitive being and that there is a possibility and potential that you have intuitive insight into the world. Of course, we all have that, but the Ace of Cups means that is it coming into your conscious awareness.

Manifest the Energy of the Ace of Cups

To manifest the energy for the Ace of Cups, pull out the card from your deck and really sink into the imagery. Gaze at the card and take your time. See what stands out to you. Drink inthe story and symbolism into your subconscious mind.

Next, ask yourself:

  • How can I bring pure love and compassion into this new journey that is emerging?
  • How can I open myself up to give and receive love?
  • How can I express my whole self fully and authentically?

Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles card in the Rider-Waite deck shows a beautiful little clouded hand holding a coin in the foreground. In the background there is a hedge, archway, and some mountains.With the Everyday Tarot deck, we see a very similar image, with a hand holding a large coin and trees in the background.

This card represents the potential of manifesting something into being. Because it’s the suit of Pentacles, it’s often associated with financial gain or opportunity. It might also be something tangible, like a new product or even a house.

Notice the mountains or trees in the background. Theysignifythat the potential for this opportunity is huge. However, you will also have a difficult journey to travel and it’s important that you’re ready for that.

Think about it. When you start a business, it doesn’t suddenly pop out of nowhere into a million-dollar company. It’s just like when you start a business. It takes hard work.So,the Ace of Pentacles asks you, “Are you ready to embrace this journey?”

Manifest the Energy of the Ace of Pentacles

Again,pull theAce of Pentacles card out of your deck and connect in with the energy of this card. Look at thesymbols and imagery. See what sinks into your mind.

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Ask Yourself:

  • What new opportunities are emerging that will help me start new endeavours?
  • What can I bring into being at this time?
  • What is coming into fruition?
  • Am I ready for the journey that follows?

Ace of Swords

In the Rider-Waite, we see another clouded hand whereas with the Everyday Tarot deck the hand seems suspended in the air, but both are holding a sword high inthe air. There’s a crown and awreath, giving off a beautiful feeling of success and victory, even though it’s only just begun. (Remember, we’re at an Ace, not at a Ten). The Ace of Swords gives you theidea, “Yes, I can create something successful!”

The suit of Swords is about our thoughts and intellect. This means thatthe Ace of Swords can be thebreakthrough of a thought. You might think, “I get it! Yes, let’s do it!”

It’s that amazing moment when all your thoughts come together and create something absolutely new, and the feelings of success, victory, optimism, and being ready to take action.

Again, this card does not mean that success and the victory are guaranteed – which is the case with all of the Aces. It’s simply showing you that the potential is there. Now,it’s up to you to take actionto manifest that potential.

Manifest the Energy of the Ace of Swords

Again, drink in the images and the symbols. See what stands out to you in the Ace of Swords. What do you notice as you look at this card? What energy do you feel?

Ask yourself:

  • What can I do to gain mental clarity?
  • What is this breakthrough moment that is coming to me?
  • How can I get clarity with your new journey?
  • How can I communicate this clarity to others?

Ace of Wands

When looking at the Rider-Waite deck, once again we see a clouded hand and the Everyday Tarot deck shows the hand suspended. But now, it’s holding a Wand up toward the sky. Leavesare sprouting from theWand andstarting to fall down to the ground. In the background, we have a castle and a few more mountains—again, another symbol that important things take work.

You may be thinking, “This sounds an awful lot like the Ace of Swords.” It’s easy to get the two mixed up. The Ace of Swords is more about the clarity of thought, whereas the Ace of Wands is more about the inspiration. It’s the energy and motivation that comes with that particular level of potential.

This inspiration mayhave come to you through a source that you can’t necessarily label. Perhaps it simply popped into your mind. Maybe you want to make a difference or start a new project.

The Ace of Wands is seen when you feel intuitively called to do something, but you can’t necessarily explain why.

Manifest the Energy of the Ace of Wands

Once more, take the card out of your deck taking in the imagery and symbols in the Ace of Wands.

Ask yourself:

  • What is this new source of inspiration that’s coming to me?
  • How can I open your mind up to the new sources of inspiration that are available to me now?
  • How can I connect into my innate wisdom, the universal wisdom so that I am ready to receive whatever messages are out therefor me?
  • How can I channel this beautiful, intuitive insight into something real and something meaningful?

Which Ace will Support You Next?

The four Tarot Aces are absolutely beautiful in terms of tapping into your potential. If you're at the start of a new project, I recommend that you pull out all of the four Acesand ask yourself, “Which Ace is really going to support me in this new journey?”

Then, have that Ace with you so that it can help you connect to certain seed of potential that you are bringing into being. I think you’ll find that the Ace has a powerful and beautiful energy that will help you out.And the more you explore the Aces, the more connected you’ll feel to their energy.

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