21 Traditional Engagement Rings with Timeless Classic Style (2023)

by Nick Ahlberg

21 Traditional Engagement Rings with Timeless Classic Style (1)

Love classic, traditional engagement ring styles and need some inspiration? We've got you covered with a ring roundup proving that "traditional" doesn't ever have to mean "boring".

Each ring featured on this list was specially crafted to please a classic taste such as your own. We've selected some of our favorites from our Classic Honey Collection and our limited-availability Ready-to-Wear line, as well as some of our custom-made designs made exclusively for individual clients.

If you see something you like, please don't hesitate to get in touch! Our specialty is working one-on-one with you and one of our classic designs or a completely custom engagement ring that's as timeless as your relationship.

21 Traditional Engagement Rings with Timeless Classic Style (2)

#1. Oval Graduated Cathedral Engagement Ring

If you haven't met our Blake ring from the Classic Honey Collection yet, you're in for a treat. A hidden side halo alongside the center stone adds the perfect touch of sparkle to this ring, without being ostentatious.

This timeless oval diamond is accented by a band in the metal of your choice (rose gold, white gold, yellow gold or platinum), studded with pave stones for added glamour. The Blake ring is an elegant choice for any bride who's looking for a timeless style that will last a lifetime.

21 Traditional Engagement Rings with Timeless Classic Style (3)

#2. Oval Twisted Engagement Ring

Meet Juliette, an instant classic that is actually fairly new to our lineup.

This classic ring is a minimal delight with a twist. A subtle, graduated twisted band delicately wraps the finger in meticulously executed detail.

Juliette's thinness lends herself well to stacking and layering as the years go by, allowing the wearer to occasionally change and modify the look with time and preference.

21 Traditional Engagement Rings with Timeless Classic Style (4)

#3. Pave Round Solitaire Engagement Ring

The Sarah pave round solitaire engagement ring is simple, but powerful.

Come into your proposal armed with a gorgeous round-cut solitaire diamond in the size of your choice, flanked by a beautiful pave band.

Like all of the designs in our Classic Honey Collection, you can customize the Sarah ring to fit your partner's style. We offer choices of a band in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum, as well as flexibility in the size and shape of the diamond.

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21 Traditional Engagement Rings with Timeless Classic Style (5)

#4. Rose Gold Three-Stone Engagement Ring

The unique combination of a classic ring style with the uniqueness of these tapered baguette side stones is one of the reasons our McKenzie ring is so popular.

This delicate rose gold band features a timeless three-stone design. With a round-cut diamond as the centerpiece, the two baguette stones that surround it are here only to accentuate its beauty.

We love the way the baguette side stones enhance this traditional ring style. That's what Honey is all about, after all: providing modern twists on classic looks, and making couples' dreams come true in the process!

21 Traditional Engagement Rings with Timeless Classic Style (6)

#5. Four-Prong Oval Solitaire Engagement Ring

We love our Lolo ring, a star member of the Classic Honey Collection, because of its endless options for customization. A simple band of whatever metal you choose -- rose gold, white gold, yellow gold or platinum -- is enhanced by a center diamond in any cut you prefer.

This rendition of the Lolo four-prong oval solitaire engagement ring features a round-cut diamond, offering a beautifully simple finish for this stunning traditional ring.

The delicate band keeps the design classic, drawing the eye directly to the solitaire stone at its center.

If you love more minimalist styles, check out our list of Our 24 Favorite Simple Engagement Rings Styles.

21 Traditional Engagement Rings with Timeless Classic Style (7)

#6. Cushion-Cut Single-Halo Engagement Ring

This perfect cushion-cut diamond in place of an oval inour Catherine ring style has us feeling serious ring envy for the lucky girl who received it!

Designed with our signature Zero Gap Halo, the cushion-cut center diamond is seamlessly surrounded by a halo of stones for a perfectly sparkly finish.

In case you were starving for even more sparkle, we also added pave stones to the rose gold band to amp up the brilliance of this classic ring.

This cushion-cut single-halo engagement ring may be traditional in design, but what it lacks in unconventionality it makes up for in shine.

21 Traditional Engagement Rings with Timeless Classic Style (8)

#7. Bright Cut Marquise Diamond Ring

Simple designs become all the more beautiful with a grade-A diamond. Our client Aaron said he wanted nothing but the best for his bride -- and that's all we needed to know!

After hunting for this perfectly clear, perfectly colored stone, we carried it from Europe to San Diego and placed it in the most delicate of rings.

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The marquise cut of this diamond brings out the brilliance in the stone, while the bright cut band offers a gorgeous accent to this classic design.

This type of custom work is truly what has elevated Honey to where it is today. If you haven't seen it yet, definitely check out our video of the Honey Jewelry Co story.

21 Traditional Engagement Rings with Timeless Classic Style (9)

#8. Emerald-Cut Zero Gap Halo Engagement Ring

Because what could be more classic than an emerald-cut diamond? Set with our signature Zero Gap Halo and a simplistic band, this gorgeous diamond engagement ring is fit for a princess.

The emerald-cut diamond is perfectly cut to maximize its brilliance, while the halo adds a touch of individuality to this classic design.

Combined with a delicate band, this engagement ring is ready to sweep your bride off her feet -- all it takes is a little bit of our Honey magic.

21 Traditional Engagement Rings with Timeless Classic Style (10)

#9. Split Band Double-Halo Engagement Ring

This ring, our Laura style, combines the best of several traditional styles into one stunning rock! A gorgeous split band lined with pave stones leads into the true centerpiece of the ring, a cushion-cut diamond surrounded by a zero-gap double halo.

With that much sparkle, the split band double-halo engagement ring from Honey is bound to make any bride-to-be feel special.

No matter what her style is, there's something in this complex yet classic design for everyone.

21 Traditional Engagement Rings with Timeless Classic Style (11)

#10. Double-Claw Oval Pave Diamond Ring

As any engaged couple knows, two is better than one -- which is why we set this example of our Olive style with an oval diamond ring and a double-claw design. What could more perfectly represent the unity of a couple than the joining of two claws at one stunning oval diamond?

As if this ring weren't stunning enough already, this cathedral-style band also features pave stones for extra sparkle.

When it comes to classic design, this double-claw oval engagement ring truly has it all.

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#11. Classic Three-Stone Engagement Ring

Simple, clean and classic: these are the three words we use to describe this traditional three-stone design we made for a client. Three round diamonds sparkle on a rose gold band with a classic cathedral setting.

When it comes to buying your lover diamonds, you can't go wrong with one -- but three? For us, it would be impossible to say no to this gorgeous three-stone engagement ring!

21 Traditional Engagement Rings with Timeless Classic Style (13)

#12. Single-Halo Cathedral Cut Engagement Ring

Couple Caleb and Olivia could not be more thrilled with this single-halo cathedral cut engagement ring (another take on our Catherine style) we designed for their special day -- and we understand why! This ring sparkles like nothing else we've seen before.

Our signature Zero-Gap-Halo surrounds a cushion-cut center diamond in a cathedral setting. With a white gold band dotted with pave stones, you're going to need a pair of sunglasses to shield your eyes from all that glitz and glamour.

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#13. Oval-Cut Single-Halo Engagement Ring

Our client work is guided by the philosophy that every bride deserves the best. That being said, we happen to think we really nailed it this time!

This simple yellow gold band surrounds a gorgeous oval-cut stone with a single halo. As always, we used our signature Zero-Gap-Halo technology to ensure a seamless finish on this beautiful diamond ring.

The finished product just goes to show how important the details are in building a timeless ring that she'll love for years to come.

21 Traditional Engagement Rings with Timeless Classic Style (15)

#14. Single-Halo Round Diamond Ring

The single-halo diamond ring is timeless for a reason: it's long been loved by brides the world over for its beauty and its simplicity.

We again incorporated our Zero-Gap-Halo technology, which eliminates unseemly gaps between the halo and diamond, and expert craftsmanship to create a masterful take on the classic single-halo diamond.

A round cut and rose gold finish offer this ring a classic, yet feminine touch that she'll love, while the clean lines of this design ensure that it will never go out of style.

This ring will have your bride feeling pretty in pink every day of the week.

21 Traditional Engagement Rings with Timeless Classic Style (16)

#15. French Cut Double-Halo Engagement Ring

What could be more classic than a ring crafted with one of the most ancient faceting techniques around?

French cut diamonds date back as far as the 14th century. Over time, they grew in popularity among European royalty -- and today, they still remain one of the most fashionable ring choices on the market.

The square-shaped table is the most common French cut, and the one you will find in our double halo engagement ring. This style creates a four-pointed star shape atop the diamond that reflects light for greater brilliance.

Complete the design with a delicate split shank and double halo, and you get a classic engagement ring that's as timeless as it is expertly crafted.

21 Traditional Engagement Rings with Timeless Classic Style (17)

#16. Three-Stone Engagement Ring with Pear-Shaped Side Stones

The three-stone ring has been a classic style for as long as we can remember. Our take on the three-stone engagement ring features a round diamond flanked by two pear-shaped side stones for a feminine, bow-like design.

The clean cut of the diamonds is perfectly accented by a simple yellow gold band, serving as a nice contrast to the geometric design formed by the three stones.

Though this ring may be classic, it's anything but boring -- and we're sure your bride is going to love it as much as we do.

This was a custom piece, but we are always ready to make more. Also, it's always worth taking a look at our Ready-to-Wear section to see if there's anything similar available already.

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#17. Radiant Cut Three-Stone Engagement Ring

We like big diamonds and we cannot lie. At 5.75cttw, we wouldn't call this ring "subtle" -- but we would call it timeless, not to mention stunning!

The three-stone design features radiant-cut diamonds designed to maximize brilliance when light bounces off the ring and a platinum band that accentuates the sparkle of the stones.

The delicate but stylish double-claw prongs add a touch of individuality to this classic design, while securely holding the diamonds in place -- so you don't have to worry about wearing this gorgeous rock wherever you go.

21 Traditional Engagement Rings with Timeless Classic Style (19)

#18. Pear-Shaped Single-Halo Diamond Ring

Want something that will stand out from the crowd, while still staying true to your bride's classic style?

This pear-shaped diamond engagement ring is a tasteful twist on the single-halo solitaire. With a yellow gold band and our signature Zero-Gap-Halo design, this ring is as shiny and well-made as it is timeless.

For the stylish bride who loves traditional rings, there's no sweeter start to your love story than a proposal with this pear-shaped number.

21 Traditional Engagement Rings with Timeless Classic Style (20)

#19. Bypass Oval Engagement Ring with Pave Band

This ring is so classic, it reminds us of the vintage styles our grandmothers used to wear -- and what could be sweeter than that?

The bypass setting creates a gorgeous twisting effect that draws the eye toward the stunning center oval.At the center of the ring lies an oval surrounded by a delicate single-halo. The band, too, is lined with pave stones, which allows it to blend seamlessly into the halo to create a traditional yet unique look.

Set in white gold, this ring is as sparkly as it is stunning, meaning your bride will never have to go without frosting again.

If this style speaks to you the way it speaks to us, drop us a line and we can start fresh on one specially for you.

21 Traditional Engagement Rings with Timeless Classic Style (21)

#20. 1.03ct Double-Halo Diamond Ring

This classic double-halo diamond is one of the stars of our limited-edition Ready-to-Wear Collection here at Honey -- and for good reason.

The ring combines expert craftsmanship (in the form of a true French cut diamond and our Zero-Gap-Halo technique) with unparalleled beauty for a ring unlike any other your bride has seen before.

Measuring at 1.03ct, this diamond features a 14k rose gold band, which is tastefully contrasted with a white gold halo in a French setting.

This classic ring has been GIA graded, so you can count on our guarantee of its quality and price.

21 Traditional Engagement Rings with Timeless Classic Style (22)

#21. Bead and Eye Round Solitaire Engagement Ring

Solitaire engagement rings are a timeless classic that will never go out of style. The Elizabeth ring style puts Honey's signature twist on the solitaire diamond.

Combine this gorgeous round-cut diamond from our Classic Honey Collection with a yellow gold bead-and-eye band for a beautiful and unique engagement ring any bride will love.

Customize it with your choice of metal (white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum) as well as your favorite cut of diamond to make this ring truly your own.

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